Big god productions

Big God Productions (BGP) includes musical adaptations of stories from the Bible and original faith-based works.


When I take a moment to reflect on story, the art of it and some of the greatest stories that I know, many stories that come to mind are faith-based. From comedy to drama, romance, mystery, action, intrigue, awe, wonder. Even the superhero stuff and talking animals; people disappearing from sight as they are walking within their day. To me, some of the most fascinating stories of all time are faith-based and yet I’ve found many in the industry to overlook, pass on or disregard these stories. I remember being told by a producer that I might as well do something else particularly because of the funding needed for the production. Yet, this is my assignment. This is a big part of what I've been put on this planet to do and I thank God for knowing me before I was born and instilling this particular creative gift in me.

So, I'm honored to write these works because this portfolio is bigger than me. My assignment is not about me. I'm humbled, honored and grateful that God chose me to do this and be here for such a time as this. And what a time this is in history to produce such projects!

With all that being said, to God be the glory! God bless you and I'll leave you with this: Romans 10:13-14.

- Missy Hardy

“this is the time of our lives.”

- god reigns